7 Steps to Increase Your Refrigerator Life and Keep Efficiently Performing
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How to Take Care of Your Appliances – Effective and Key Maintenance Tips

7 Steps to Increase Your Refrigerator Life and Keep Efficiently Performing

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Imagine, you spend hundreds of bucks on buying a new refrigerator and it starts wearing down and stops working in a few years. How would you feel? Frustrated knowing an important and daily use appliance has fatally broken down so quickly.

You start looking for some technician to get it fixed. But is there a way that would have helped you prevent such thing from happening in the first place? Yes, there are ways that you can learn to adopt and implement on a daily basis to improve the life and performance of your refrigerator:

  1. Check Where Do You Place The Fridge
    Most of us have a tendency to bring the new appliance and put as per our convenience or where we find space available. But there is something that you must remember about placing your fridge. Make sure that you keep your fridge where there is no nearby heat vents, it is away from any direct sunlight and it is not near the oven as well. If you have to keep the oven and the fridge together, ensure to place an insulated board between them.
  2. Check How Much You Open the Door
    A basic and obvious yet often overlooked thing is that people do not consider how much energy they could be wasting by keeping the door open more than required. This not only results in excessive energy consumption but also reduces the efficiency of the fridge as well.
  3. Check How You Keep the Condenser Coils Cleaned
    The condenser coils on the back of the fridge are extremely important as they enhance cooling process. But over time dust and dirt can reduce their frequency in keeping the cooling optimal. Once every month or after two months pull the fridge out and use bristle brush to clean the coils thoroughly.
  4. Check How Much You Fill Your Fridge
    An overfilled fridge invites trouble and it definitely reduces the efficiency of the appliance. Keep items in a balanced amount, allow 1-2 inch space between every stacked item to allow for proper air circulation.
  5. Check How Organised and Decluttered You Keep The Fridge
    A decluttered fridge is easy to take items out from and thus lesser the time door is opened, resulting in reducing energy loss. The organised you keep the fridge inside the optimal performance your fridge will function.
  6. Check What You Are Keeping on Top of The Fridge
    Keeping large objects at the top of the fridge results in improper dissipation of heat and this makes the motor to work harder, which causes reduced efficiency.
  7. Check If You Defrost Regularly
    Frost accumulation on the coils inside of your fridge makes the appliance to work harder and over time it makes cooling process tougher and reduced working efficiency.

Following these tips will certainly help you keep your refrigerator in good condition with improved efficiency and function increasing its lifespan.


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