How to Take Care of Your Appliances – Effective and Key Maintenance Tips
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How to Take Care of Your Appliances – Effective and Key Maintenance Tips

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Your home appliances are definitely of big support for you, making you complete your daily chores easily and also provides you with full convenience and comfort. When you buy an appliance, you want that to keep performing optimally for years. And this can be achieved not just depending on the quality and brand of the appliance, but also the way you take care of your appliance.

So, when you want your appliances work fine and for a longer duration, you must not overlook small things associated with their usage. Here, we list down some key tips that will definitely help you take care of your appliances in the most effective way and improve their functioning and lifespan:

  • The first and foremost thing is to always the instruction’s manual related to efficient usage of the appliance, along with checking other factors.
  • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule, specific to the appliance. The cleaning program depends on the specific appliance, and level and degree of your usage
  • Always keep the temperature inside the refrigerator between 34 and 40 degree Fahrenheit. This keeps the food fresh and for long.
  • Ensure that you never put hot food directly in fridge. It must be put only when it can come down to room temperature.
  • Do not keep the fridge door open for long. It affects the efficiency of the fridge and also results in increased energy consumption.
  • Always keep the underside and the backside of the refrigerator clean. Do vacuum cleaning around the back of the refrigerator once or twice a month.
  • Do not keep your fridge as well as washing machine overloaded. Overloading them affects their efficiency and affects the functioning.
  • After every clean cycle, keep the lid open for a few minutes to let the moisture dry out, and then clean the washing machine properly running a water cycle, followed by wipe-clean.
  • Once or twice every month, use a quality washing machine cleaner or vinegar based cleaning agent to thoroughly clean the appliance.
  • Clean the outside of the washing machine using a damp cloth once every week.
  • Similarly, the dishwasher is a key appliance that can get clogged if you do not take proper maintenance procedure. After every wash, follow the instruction’s manual to clean the washer through a wet/dry vacuum cleaning procedure.
  • For your dryer, the lint filter must be cleaned completely after every cycle. Alongside that deep clean your dryer every few months.

These are basic but fundamental and highly effective cleaning and maintenance tips that will definitely help you keep your appliances in optimal condition, for a longer duration. And if there is any faulty issue, ensure that you get it fixed hiring only a professional repairing service.


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